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Integration of modern lighting and furniture design of the five major trends

Modern furniture and modern lighting design the integration since the 90s from the 20th century modern furniture has become a major trend, the world's leading international furniture fair in Milan, Italy, International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany, the United States regarded the high point international furniture fair furniture and lighting as a whole series to design, display, exhibition and sales.

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More and more furniture and lighting designer for the overall package design showed great interest. The combined effect of many heavy elements to make the shape of modern furniture blossomed. Building furniture is to create artistic effect of atmosphere and the main apparatus. Similarly, the lighting is to create a key factor in the built environment of space. Light illumination projected on an object brought the magic-like effects and the contrast color, materials, texture, texture and overall impact of the atmosphere to make people pay more attention to modern lighting design and lighting effects of scientific research. Modern furniture design and modern lighting design is gradually integrated.

Furniture should pay attention to shape, structure, relationships, material texture and other effects of the overall shape; lamps should pay attention to light, shape, color quality, and structure the overall pattern effect, both spatial effect constitutes the basis of the built environment, they are each other's background, each other, there have been various "collaboration", "fit" trend.

Simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors

Integration of modern lighting and furniture design of the five major trends

Now, home decorative lighting design trends become more and more simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors, as we see more and more Italian furniture, their style is very modern. And embodies the high-end fashion world-style home with light, but also with the modern style of furniture into the Chinese family, it is also such a simple design with a style of lighting, pay more attention to design was simple, focusing on rational, full use of light efficiency of lighting and furniture each other. And not like the traditional concept of the kind of complex, colorful, bulky shape, design, ignore the light effects make full use of the lamps. This is a design concept of revolution. At the same time, this high-end fashion line with energy-saving lighting design requirements.

Beautiful, practical, personal

Ideal concept of home decorative lights will be beautiful, practical and personalized. Emphasis on self, the pursuit of individuality will become the first choice of many customers. Market, the growing wealth of furniture and lighting to provide more choice for customers, and customers love the personalized approach of furniture and lighting has made the development of newer and higher requirements to promote continued integration of furniture and lighting.

Lighting effects and more

Currently, the domestic interior lighting design, by focusing on only a single light source over the transition to the pursuit of multi-source effect. Such changes show that designers have realized that a good and healthy lighting design on people's lives. In the single-source era, living room and bedroom often by a lamp to guide the overall. Now, more light has been designed to take care of every user and every life situation of lighting needs. The main light source to provide ambient lighting to have a uniform interior illumination; display of lights, lamps and other lighting or focus on providing local lighting, the rich space lighting level. Multi-source lighting makes the space with a carefully written, whether or understatement, can form a graceful space atmosphere.

Popular colors of nature

A light bulb, fluorescent tubes illuminate a room, it is already gone.

Home when the renovation is now more attention to detail, even the bathroom mirror at the top of a small light, but also the pursuit of fashion and chic. When the growing trend of furniture and decoration of the time, as the lighting and furniture, decoration to match also will be an important element has changed. Overhead chandelier, coffee table and desk lamp has been quietly "fade", the color becomes more colorful, fresh, perfectly clear even more material, shape is also showing the unrestrained creativity, even in some of the furniture city, eye-catching Lighting seems to be the hero, drawing people's attention.

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