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LED lighting led the way end-product quality and channel construction

This year, the entire lighting market performance cold. Compared to last year, LED end-market performance is also lighter. Enterprises in order to gain a foothold in the LED market, LED channel construction need to be strengthened. At present, resulting in the slow pace of building LED terminal channels there are three main reasons:

First, the product of factors. There are two levels of product factors, on the one hand, limited to the light source technology to be further improved, LED light-emitting efficiency than with the price advantage is not prominent, high-power heat, light failure, life and light color consistency problems are factors; the other hand, LED in a wide range of applications, products, changing the chip price instability, most manufacturers have no way to do an adequate inventory, which is bound to affect the channel velocity.

Second, the LED current market turmoil. LED is the light of future trends, and now, the vast majority of companies have to meddle in the lighting industry LED, the involvement of the downstream industry, the threshold is low, factory finished mixed light, intensified competition. Customers can not identify product strengths and weaknesses, low-cost low-quality products on the market impact is more serious. As the quality of the instability, they can not build a solid majority of the channels, the channel construction and other companies to form constraints.

Third, the LED needs to be improved consumer awareness. Currently, most traditional distributor of LED lighting knowledge, little is known about the product, so the LED promotion powerless, which requires manufacturers to pay more guidance and training.

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Although all these factors the construction of the LED channels, but may also be a good time to build LED channels. As the rare-earth prices, manufacturing costs soared fluorescent, so the price gap between LED and its somewhat reduced. Wide range of LED applications, with the government and business to promote, and gradually accepted. The construction of the LED channels, I think security is the most important product. LED products regardless of the structure, electronic components, technology and other requirements to be higher in terms of relative fluorescent lamps.

Pursuit of profit maximization is the bounden duty of the dealer. Therefore, to reduce procurement costs become the choice for the vast majority of distributors, which resulted in more low-cost manufacturers in this simple and effective strategy for taking of the market. However, under the limited low-cost low-quality chips, rough process, the unstable power supply have led to shorter product life. This approach, though built channels, but tantamount to Banded, drink Dove thirst.

Shenzhen electric lighting industry, after years of development, has been established in major cities across the sales channels of high-quality, original channel's coverage is one of the main channel of LED products. We stepped up to the project type and layout of the development of the customer network. In order to reduce communication barriers and speed up the channel velocity, LED products, channel design is shorter than traditional lighting sources. In addition, we also adopted the B2B and trade show development of foreign markets, is currently in Southeast Asia, some European countries set up agent.

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