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2011 lighting industry, what best-selling product?

To earn a larger share in 2011, depends largely on the company can become a strong brand. So the premise of the plate in a stable market to increase investment in the company of choice. Lighting industry in 2011 the situation is still more severe. 2009 is a low to high before 2010, is a former high to low, 2011 will be relatively weak in general industry. Take a look in lighting industry, several best-selling series of development trend:

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Commercial Lighting

LED commercial lighting products will be poured into the area, according to the traditional business a tremendous impact, there is no reaction over the enterprise will be very passive. According to the field of business competition has been the product, price competition into the brand, services, capital of the competition.

Electrical Products

With the expansion of market demand, electrical products in recent years has shown explosive growth, into the electrical industry manufacturers springing up. But there are not too many manufacturers of electrical power, electrical superficial or pilfering type the number of businesses could fill volumes. Electrical industry next year will continue to increase competitive pressures, functions, materials, style changes at any point will become a new selling point, but they will not last, but smart product features will be attracted widespread attention.

2011 lighting industry, what best-selling product?

LED industry

LED industry will still continue to heat up. As the whole industry chain technology matures, LED products, the tide gradually advance replacement. Lighting not only lighting, extensive use of LED decorative lighting products, home, commercial lighting, outdoor LED products have gradually started to figure. Especially high-end commercial establishments and hotels, this trend is even more apparent. Engineering is still an important market for LED products.

Home Lighting

Home lighting industry in 2011 has been lackluster. Border breakthrough product will be a new growth point. Styling products and styling products will be non-convergence, the boundaries of these individuals gradually break - had no natural lighting and lighting the gap. Home lighting brand competition in 2011 will focus on the 34 market share grab, there is a business strategy in the channel can do the opposite.

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