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Town Lighting "hold together" to break through internal and external market

Financial crisis, the international consumer market, while the domestic market more competitive, to "hold together" the way to break out into town lighting the main way to go. Lighting Industry Association Zhongshan District, Tak-sing, Secretary-General recently in an interview with reporters said that the current lighting industry is the traditional model of successful marketing experience to deepen.

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"hold together" to break through the international market

Central District Tak-sing just come back, mainly for town lighting company "hold together" presence in the Hungarian capital Budapest to coordinate the work of the Chinese mall. It is understood that China Mall is located in Budapest, half of the display of household products, lighting products half the show (an area of ​​30,000 square meters), the town has plans to reach more than 20 lighting businesses.

Meanwhile, the delegation also includes Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and other four Central European countries were studied lighting market, but for the district Tak was the most puzzling is this: the lighting market in Central Europe, is selling In our view it is already quite outdated products.

"Europeans like simple, practical spending habits hinder the market changes, or we can not be timely lighting products into their market?" Although there have been doubts, but the district Tak Shing still firmly believe that through this Chinese mall platform in Central Europe and the whole of Europe, a market town lighting network, "does not understand the town lighting production markets," the Europeans, open a communication channel.

To achieve this goal, "hold together" can certainly make the cost and risks have become smaller, and can also be taken to Town Lighting "hold together" to break through the representation of the international market step. District Tak-sing said the delegation, and a bold plan: want to be able to enter a more attractive commodity in Europe, to change the concept of local consumption.

Domestic times the square

Compared with the international market, domestic market situation is more complex, more "hold together" to break through.

However, this "hold together" approach, more of the times. According to reports, the general idea is that, according to development needs, Zhongshan lighting industry, major cities in China Zhongshan Lighting Center, showcasing the cultural core of Zhongshan lighting image.

District Tak Shing, said the high cost of business is not only alone, the influence is limited, and because of the harsh competition will lead to market confusion; the same time, some domestic strength of the lighting a little square, companies will be required for admission. Therefore, the brand, scale of competition for the key words stand out in the future.

In the industry, this is a domestic lighting market is currently facing a major turning point. Previously, domestic lighting market experienced a "grocery store" and "small supermarket" era, and is currently in the "Times Square" step to go.

In fact, some have the strength of the big brands, such as Huayi, Kaiyuan, win the ball and other manufacturers also had to take "Lighting Square" model, while the town Times Square Lighting undoubtedly response to this new era of style sets the sample. The construction area of ​​over 79,000 square meters of comprehensive plaza, set a large lighting store model. Reporters saw the brand, marketing channels, business services, one set of Times Square, with its high-end facilities, lighting to create a gorgeous palace.

This mode of Times Square, there may soon be "cloned" to other cities. According to reports, after pre-preparation and negotiation, the town is about lighting sector or joint in Wuhan, in the set up a new "Times Square."

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